Undead City Run is an endless runner with a twist, where you have to smash, shoot, run over and explode zombies in your attempt to survive the apocalypse, but when everything fails you can join the zombie team and feast on human flesh!


As the only designer on Undead City Run I had many responsibilities during the project.

Project Management: I was responsible for creating and following up with all tasks during the project and for keeping functional communication lines open between all departments.

Feature and Level Design: I had to concept, mockup and document every feature of the game. One of my main responsibilities was to create the patterns of the obstacles that the player has to go through during the game: placing obstacles, coins and pick-ups, among other elements that go on the track, as well as setting up and balancing all challenges and achievements.

Balancing & Monetization: I was in charge of balancing the game's economy, including all sources of income and outcome of currencies, as well as in-app purchases.