The Oasis: Stand your ground in the forest and help your team make its way to your enemy's base in this 6x6 Capture The Flag level.

The Robot Factory: After your ship is destroyed you have to fight your way out of the robot factory, while facing several droids, puzzles and a huge boss battle at the end of this single player level.


Both of those levels were created in UDK, using Kismet to script all events, triggers and enemy IA. The assets used were all from UDK.

The Oasis: As a fairly small CTF map, this level was designed to have two paths between bases. Both paths, through the forest and above it, allowed players on each path to engage with one another, disencouraging camping and making the battle in the center as dynamic as possible. Level design and enviromental art were the biggest amount of work in the project.

The Robot Factory: My goal for this level was to create a 10-15 minute experience in a single player level with enphasis on enemy behavior and player choice. As a solo project I was responsible for everything: level design, enviromental art, pacing and enemy AI.