Sky Punks Dash is a mobile endless runner, where the player has to make his way through different zones in Neo Terra, while completing challenges, fighting bosses and competing with friends.


Sky Punks Dash was developed with Fathom Interactive's original IP and is published by Rovio.

Feature Design: Working closely with the development team I was responsible for creating new features for the game in order to improve metrics, meet publisher demands and make the game a better and deeper experience.

Level Design: One of my main responsabilities was to create the patterns of the obstacles that the player has to go through during the game, placing obstacles, coins, pick-ups, among other elements that go on the track. I was also responsible for setting up and balancing the challenges for each individual level of the game.

Balancing & Monetization: Due to my previous experiences, I was in charge of balancing the game's economy, including all sources of income and outcome of currencies, as well as balancing the prices and content of all in-app purchases.