Skyrama is a casual airport game, where the player has to send planes to other players around the globe in order to fulfill quests, gather cargo, improve their airport and expand their crazy fleet.


Skyrama was the second game I worked on at Bigpoint. When I joined the team the game was already live and I was put in charge of the design as the only full time Game Designer on the project.

Metrics and feedback: One of my main responsibilities was to analyse game metrics and community feedback in order to identify what areas of the game needed attention and should be improved upon with the next updates.

Feature Design: As a live game, Skyrama was frequently being updated. As the designer on the project I was responsible for identifying what features should be made, when they should be implemented, as well as fully designing them.

Documentation: In order to guarantee proper execution of the design, I was responsible for documenting features, events and updates to be implemented within the game.