Splatform: The Art of Killing, is a game where we follow the story of a samurai as he relives his journey through his paintings. Every enemy slayed leaves an ink splash that stains the panting altering the enviroment. Each color of enemies affect the enviroment in a different way.

Because of its artistic concept, original game mechanics and the technical challenge involved on its execution, Splatform won awards in a couple of web games competitions.

You can click on the images bellow to see full screenshots of the game:


In 2010 I developed a game called "Escape 3D: The Bathroom" that was later sponsored by the website Bored.com. It was distributed in free flash games websites where it ended up being quite popular and was played by millions of players worldwide.

Because of the game's success on-line, the people at Bored.com decided to port the game for iOS and Android to put on mobile devices, where it received great reviews and hundreds of thousands of downloads.

You can watch the game's walkthrough video below and play its web version in the Flash Games section.


I started my carreer in games by programming advergames.

I was still living in Brazil and the games industry there was extremelly small, with advergames being one of the very few opportunities available to join the industry.

During my time programming advergames I took part in programming games for big brands in Brazil and gathered a lot of experience. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to display these games in my portfolio, only screenshots.


Before smartphones were around, I developed mobiles games for low resolution cellphones using J2ME.

Forced to work under extreme technical restrictions such as low memory, low resolution and the games having to run on dozens of different devices, developing these was a great design and programming challange.

I worked both as Game Designer and Programmer in these games.


At Vancouver Film School I had to design and build my own board game from scratch.

I created a multiplayer memory game called GEMory, that was designed to be played by 2-6 people.

The rules of the game are:
- The game starts with a clean board and players roll the dice to see who goes first
- When a player's turn begins, he/she rolls the dice to figure out how many gems he/she will place this turn
- The next player in line now closes his/her eyes, as the one playing places the set number of randomly chosen gems on the board
- The other player now has to open his/her eyes and flip the hourglass
- He/she now has until the hourglass runs out to point out what pieces were added to the board
- For every piece he/she picks wrong or fails to point out, he/she loses one life
- It then becomes his/her turn to roll the dice and place the gems on the board
- When a player runs out of lives he/she leaves the game
- The last player in the game is declared the winner