Block-off is a 3D puzzle platformer where the player has to master different combinations of game mechanics as he makes his way through 10 different rooms filled with challenging puzzles.


This was a solo project made in UDK, containing around 30 minutes of gameplay. I later developed a 2D version named "Switch", that can be played in the Flash Games section of this website.

Game Design: The idea was to design a few game mechanics that I could build in UDK and combine in multiple ways in order to make a full puzzle platformer game. I also wanted the mechanics to work in both 3D and 2D enviroments.

Level Design: The main focus was to ensure that every room in the game taught a new mechanic to the player or combined previous mechanics in a new way, forcing the player into mastering them. Having a proper increase in dificulty level and teaching the player without a tutorial were key priorities while designing the levels.

Scripting: Since the vast majority of the functionality necessary for the game was not covered by UDK, a good amount of time developing this project was spent in Kismet (UDK's visual scripting tool).